Sunday, 15 August 2010

The Tangerine Army Are Absolutely Flying!

Doesn't the World Cup feel like such a long time ago now? Just as everyone has started to settle from everything that happened over in South Africa the Premier League is now upon us! Although, I'm not complaining because I've missed catching up on all the football results every Saturday.

You know, after so many people have predicted for Blackpool to get absolutely hammered in this league I was so pleased that they managed to absolutely batter Wigan today. I know that there is still a long way to go in the season but you just never know in football. I mean, how many times have we seen clubs come up that nobody even gives a slight glimmer of hope, yet they go on and manage to stay a float in their first season? Wolves and Birmingham did it last season so you can never totally write off Blackpool. I understand when people say that they don't have enough quality in their squad and everything but sometimes I think that some players who play at the top clubs and know they are going to get paid ridiculous amounts of money every week don't try half as hard as the players at the clubs who have just come up do and sometimes it's that passion that can keep a club up. I really do hope that Blackpool can prove everyone wrong because I believe Ian Holloway is a great manager and he has worked wonders at that club. To go from being favourites to be relagated last season to finishing the season winning the play-off final at Wembley to take their place in this years Premier League on a small budget is pretty amazing, don't you think?

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